Getting Started

How To Use Represent Education Center

Represent Education Center provides all information you need to know to set up and run your campaign on If you have a question: Use the search field at homepage Browse article categories below to find the article you are looking for Go to Represent Mastermind Facebook group where you can reach out both […]

How To Sell On The Represent Platform From Beginning To End

Selling merchandise usually leads to all sorts of problems: dealing with printers, up-front costs, guessing sizes, shipping to buyers, customer service just to name a few… In short, it can be expensive and difficult to manage. On Represent, you can create a custom design on various product and collect pre-orders for those products before they even […]

5 Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Campaign

General Direction There’s no set way of designing a T-shirt that sells, and no set direction to go in. For example, you could center your design around a meaningful or viral phrase, a funny phrase, or a beautiful or powerful image. It all depends on your audience. 1. Images & Text If you decide to go for a […]

Choosing The Best Campaign Type

Our online designer can be used in three different ways – make sure you choose the type of campaign you benefit from most. First of all, you need to design your shirt. Then, you can decide if you want to order it for yourself, or start selling it through Order for yourself This kind […]

How To Find The Right Niche To Target

Before you begin designing your first shirt, it is important to decide who you want your customers to be. Start by asking yourself these questions: What interests or hobbies do I have that other people share? What am I passionate about? What subjects am I knowledgeable about? After you have answered these questions, write down […]

Researching Your Niche To Find Winning Ideas

Now that you have your list of topics, it’s time to do some research about what types of designs are currently selling online. A profitable niche market will likely have existing designs that people have created. Start by Google Searching your topic and the word “shirts.” Once you see your results, click on the Google […]

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