Represent Design Tips

5 Tips To Design Successfully On Represent

1. Less is more Try and use four or fewer colors in your designs for a clean, eye-catching look. Too many colors will be harder to manage and may lead to a messy design. In addition, the more colors you use, the more expensive the cost of your T-shirt. So use fewer colors to earn more money […]

Creating Your First Design

The Basics To maximize your profit, your design should be limited to either the front of the shirt only or the back of the shirt only. Printing on both sides is an extra cost, thus reducing your overall profit. “Full chest” and “full front” designs are the most popular print locations [diagram below]. When designing, […]

Which Format? Quick Guide For Beginners

Represent design options You can sell on Represent or promote a cause even if you don’t have any design experience. Our free design tool offers several options which are incredibly easy to use: Text Symbols Images Typography tool Which format should I use? If you choose to create your own image design, you can use a […]

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