1. Less is more

Try and use four or fewer colors in your designs for a clean, eye-catching look. Too many colors will be harder to manage and may lead to a messy design. In addition, the more colors you use, the more expensive the cost of your T-shirt. So use fewer colors to earn more money and a better looking design!

2. Use designs with transparent backgrounds

Stay away from designs that have a white or black background. For example, any white background in your design will be printed on your t-shirt, and may not match the color of the t-shirt. To ensure a clean and professional print, use transparent backgrounds in your design.

3. Design on darker colored shirts

Printing on a white shirt can come across as plain, so try printing on a darker colored apparel to create more of impact!

4. Upload artwork in vector format

The best designs to use are vectors in .svg format. Vectors use points, lines, and curves, and are scalable. Photographs use pixels, which lose quality when enlarged.

5. If you use a photo, use .png format

If you’re unable to print with a vector, we recommend large photographs in .png format, with at least 300dpi. To ensure a clean and professional print, ensure that the photograph has no multi-colored gradients and contains less than four colors.