Our online designer can be used in three different ways – make sure you choose the type of campaign you benefit from most. First of all, you need to design your shirt. Then, you can decide if you want to order it for yourself, or start selling it through Represent.com:


Order for yourself

This kind of campaign allows you to place a bulk order for your own design. Whether you intend to keep the ordered shirts, order for a large group of friends or sell items at your event, this is the option to go for if you want to purchase the item at a base price. You can order one item or one hundred items – in different colors, sizes and styles.


Sell your products

The other two options are intended for everyone who wants to sell their designs to the public. Use it when you want to raise money for a cause or become an online clothes seller!

Higher margins

When choosing this type of campaign, all orders are fulfilled together after the campaign ends. By knowing the exact number of items in your campaign before we start production, we can optimize the process to increase your profit. It’s simple: the more you sell, the higher your profit.


Faster shipping

Sometimes you don’t want your customers to wait for the end of the campaign. An order from this type of campaign is fulfilled right after it is placed. Your customers will benefit from quick turnaround times and will receive their order in less time. You will earn a set profit for each item sold, regardless of the total amount of items sold.


Combined version

You might want to run a “higher margins” and “faster shipping” versions of the same campaign simultaneously so that you can provide for all needs of your customers. While you will only be advertising your “higher margins” campaign for obvious reasons, you can also:

  • Choose to include the link to the “faster shipping” version in its description. If any customer needs their order sooner, they will be given the opportunity.
  • Choose not to include the link to the “faster shipping” version in its description and only send the link to customers on request.

To create an alternative version of your campaign, simply click “Clone campaign” in My Campaigns tab and change the settings / description so that they suit your needs.