A lot of questions have been asked about what makes a good ad. For quick reference, we’ve put together our creative best practices to help you run the most effective advertising campaigns.

  • The Logo: While building your own ad creatives, do not forget to include the Represent logo.
  • Stay inline with your brand: It’s important for your ads to retain the same look and feel of your store or brand. In essence, you want your ads to act as an extension of your brand regardless of where they are being shown. Colors and messaging should be similar to what a customer sees when shopping your products.
  • Strong imagery/ Clear product shots: The images you use in your ads will have a direct impact on a customers perception around the quality of your product. Don’t use low resolution / blurry product shots!
  • Simple messaging: Less is more! More text in a small space becomes overwhelming. Be direct with anything you want to say in the ad. Whether it be announcing a sale or just a call to action button. Keep it simple.
  • Limit Text: If you want to have a message or a call-to-action on your ad such as “buy now”, make it short and concise.
  • Split test: It’s a good idea to test another set of ads to see if they resonate with your customer base better.