Step 1: Create an ad banner

  • Go to your campaigns list
  • Choose the campaign for which you want to create an ad
  • Click on its name and go to “Advertisement” tab
  • If you haven’t connected your account with Facebook yet, you can do so now / Otherwise, just click “Create your first ad” or “Create a new ad”
  • You can choose from three possibilities:
    • Design from template – create new ad banners effortlessly using professional editable templates
    • Design from scratch – create new ad banners in a free ad creator
    • Upload your banner – do you have your own ad creative? Time to upload it now!


  • Once you have finished / uploaded your ad banner, you will see the following message:



  • Click “Create a Facebook ad” – you can also save your design at this point or download it to your computer
  • Next screen allows you to set your ad banner properties and the type of your ad campaign

Step 2: Target your audience

Once you have created your ad, you will need to find the audience you would like to display your campaign’s banner to. has tools to help you target your audience.

  • Use the integrated tool to build your audience
  • Select your target group’s location, age, language and gender
  • Next, don’t forget to select the interests associated with your design – this will help you find the people most likely to engage with and ultimately purchase your shirt
  • Your estimated audience size will show up at the bottom of the page



Step 3: Set your budget

  • Now set your ad budget to have absolute control over the advertising costs
  • Choose your budget limit per day / per life of your ad
  • Schedule the duration of your ad campaign
  • Choose the pricing model of your ad campaign (we recommend to use default bids)
  • When you are done, click “Continue”

Step 4: Launch your ad campaign

  • Review your ad campaign settings and feel free to edit any of them
  • When you are ready, click “Create campaign” to launch your ad



What to do next?

Congratulations! You have created your Facebook advert! Now you can sit back and track its progress on Facebook as well as Don’t forget to:

  • Monitor your ad on a regular basis
  • Base the amount you spend on ads for each campaign on how much engagement and ultimately conversion there is on your ad
  • Engage as much as possible with Facebook users who are commenting on your ads
  • Use Represent and Facebook analytics to measure your ad campaign’s success and determine if your design is being well received or not