Creating an awesome product does not automatically lead to awesome profit. Represent is an Internet platform and in order to sell successfully, it is vital to reach out to people and tell them about your campaign. There are many ways of doing so and you can opt for both free and paid alternatives.

Free advertising channels

The power of social media is incredible. If you have built a network of friends and followers, you can easily turn many of them into your customers. As long as your connections belong to your niche, this is the way to spread the word – for free. Our dashboard has a built-in feature which allows you to share your campaign on Facebook and Twitter and also by e-mail with one click. It goes without saying that you can share you campaign anywhere else – be it online or offline. To access built-in advertising options for your campaign click on its name in your dashboard and go to the “Advertisement” tab.


If you have your own website or a blog, you might want your customers to be able to see and buy your products there. And this is when embedding option comes in: this feature allows you to securely include our shopping flow on your website or blog without your customers having to leave it. This will keep the experience consistent and integrated, yet utilizing the quick and easy campaign sales flow we’ve developed.


Last, but not the least, did you tell your Mom? We are told this always works 🙂

Paid advertising

There is a number of options to use if you want to invest in the promotion of your campaign. Ad automation allows you to create banners and even whole ads directly from your dashboard – for free! It works out of the box with any ad platform. Our direct Facebook integration takes it a step further with advanced targeting, ROI tracking and much more. All you need to do is determine your advertising budget, target audience and other relevant details and you can start displaying the ads to your potential customers! Read more on Facebook ads.