Now that you have your list of topics, it’s time to do some research about what types of designs are currently selling online. A profitable niche market will likely have existing designs that people have created.

Start by Google Searching your topic and the word “shirts.” Once you see your results, click on the Google Shopping tab. If you perform a web search for “Dog Shirts” and you see 50 good shirt examples, then this market is likely selling well online, because people are actively spending money to advertise on Google Shopping.

Another good place to do research is Pinterest.  Search “Dog Shirts” and see what comes up.  If there are lots of great shirt examples, chances are you’ve stumbled on a profitable niche.

Now that you know the category “Dog Shirts” sells well online, it’s time to get more specific.  Let’s talk about what separates shirts that sell from shirts that don’t.

Why Do People Buy Shirts Online?

People want to wear shirts they can relate to on a personal level.  Think about this the next time you walk down the street. What types of shirts are people wearing?  Chances are, you’ll see plenty of sports team logos, brand logos, and brand names.  People wear these types of shirts because they feel a connection to the brand, team, or interest that the shirt represents.

With that in mind, it is important that you create shirts that your target customers can relate to. You will have more success selling shirts online if you have a specific target audience in mind, so you can cater to their interests and values.

For example, if your goal is to sell shirts to women who enjoy country music, you will have more success with a shirt that says “This Georgia Girl Likes Country Music and Pickup Trucks,” rather than simply “I Like Country Music.”

Back to our dog shirt example, a shirt that says “A Pug Is The Best Form Of Therapy” will convert better than “A Dog Is The Best Form Of Therapy,” because pug owners will look at your shirt and say “WOW! That shirt seems like it was made just for me! I’ve never seen a pug shirt before!”  While the generic dog shirt might also sell well, it will not convert as well as the pug shirt, as it is more generic and won’t jump out at dog owners in the same way.

Why? Because people want to wear shirts that reflect their values, beliefs, and opinions.  The more you can tap into those values and beliefs, the more your shirts will appeal to these people.