Represent Education Center provides all information you need to know to set up and run your campaign on If you have a question:

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Represent Education Center is divided into three sections:

In Getting Started we have gathered all articles which help you get to know our platform. It introduces the things you should consider before you start designing and selling your product to your campaign supporters.

Represent Design Tips section features articles related to design formatting and helps you use successful design strategies. Last, but not least, it gives you a clear overview of what is considered copyright or trademark infringement.

Selling & Advertising category represents the last step in your campaign’s life cycle. You have considered what to design, your product is ready to launch. Now is the time to tell the world – whether you use free ways of spreading the word, or go on to set up paid Facebook advertisements, this is the section to look for more information.

Getting Started

Design Tips

Selling & Advertising